● Fall in love with myself 

● Own a house, similar to this  

● Run a marathon 

● Have a pet dog ( pug)

● See a live football match

●  Go for a movie alone

●  Be in a beautiful place and take a walk alone

●  Buy a flute and learn to play it

●  Go mountain climbing and camping

●  Break a bad habit

●  See my brother with his wife and kids ( Can’t wait to hold my brother’s kids)

●  Become a photo commentator             

●  Buy my mom chickens and see her collect the eggs       

●  Witness a miracle                       

●  Change something for the better      

●  Wear contacts


●  Complete a Rubik’s cube 4×4              

●  Help an orphanage by being part of it

●  Sleep on the floor facing the sky when it’s raining, without any threats of lightning and thunder                  

●  Get candid pictures clicked, when I am happy/ when I try something adventurous  

●  Find inner peace that isn’t disturbed by people who have nothing to do in my life

●  A week stay in a mountain hut   

●  Finish atleast one novel at a week time

●  Make sure my mother has everything she needs/ wants                                

●  To get drunk atleast once and speak my mind                                         

●  To visit Jerusalem and the places where Jesus stayed                                

●  Read The Bible                                

●  Do something without the sense of someone  judging me                          

●  Walk on the snow with boots               

●  To make a video of me dancing ( I don’t know how awkward I may look if I am made to dance🙂)                      

●  Become the old innocent and sensitive ME                

●  Adopt a baby girl/ boy                           

●  Make a positive change in someone’s life, not temporarily          

●  Gift my  brother a car ( when I become a PO)                                           

●  Give up on Nabati 

●  Foremost, get  into a bank job                                                                                                   Image source: Google                                                                                                      Thankyou and happy reading!



       THEY may stay for sometime like the droplets left behind on the leaves, after the rain ceases. But remember, soon they will be gone like the same rain drops.
       Dont ask me who THEY are. You know who THEY are. It happens many a times for all of us to meet that “THEY” people in our life.

 Prepare yourself to be not bothered.

 Captured on a rainy day @Madurai.

Happy Evening!☺


        Solitude is a choice. A choice to be alone. Loneliness is a feeling, an emotion of feeling alone. It’s an emotion we feel when we have an inner desire to express, but don’t know how to and have no one with whom we can share.

        Being alone is an adventure we take on the inside. It’s a whole new world which we discover or introspect. Solitude is a positive state where we are perfectly happy to be by ourselves, and relish and enjoy our own company. Solitude allows us to reflect on ourselves, others, our life, and our future. 

Solitude can lead to SELF LOVE.                   Loneliness can lead to SELF REJECTION.     

        In contrary,  loneliness feels like punishment or rejection. It is not a choice, but it is imposed on us. One might be loved and still experience feelings of intense loneliness. Though it’s necessary for all to spend some time in solitude, our responsibility as various things prevent us from ever getting the time alone😔. Sometimes, a little solitude is just what you need to clear your mind!


     Many people blog to share their ideas, their emotions, and to share information on varied topics. However, I started blogging with the promt of my course on NEW MEDIA FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. I did not start this for self-interest, but now I am sure doing it with interest after learning about it.

        If you have to look through If I Have to Speak through my Snaps, you will find articles related to the pictures, that I took. I may not be a professional photographer, but I do like to talk or write about the pictures that are taken by me and I also like to talk about things I understand well. It feels good to me to know that a post published by me is liked by someone. I take this as a platform to thank all who let me know that through your likes and comments.

        When I made my first move to WordPress, I was learning something new myself. As in any field, blogging requires experience. You can’t become an expert over night. Patience is the second essential requirement, when you expect people to acknowledge your work. Another important thing is keeping up how frequently you post. The photographs that I shared in this blog were all taken from my 13 mega-pixel mobile camera.

        I am a person who word vomits .When I opted for photography, I learnt that words may fail but not photographs…( exceptions include).One thing that anyone can agree to is,’ Photography remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.’ If at all I did not take these pictures and blog about it, I myself wouldn’t have enjoyed finding something interesting in an ordinary thing.  I once again take this as an oppurtunity to thank you all for your overwhelming support. I conclude here. Have a great evening☺!!!

The Camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera – Dorothea Lange.


       This image is a reflection from the river close to my house. I have an easier time reflecting on my life when I walk by the side of this river.


      How  you treat others is simply a reflection of whom you are as a person. We grow brave by reflecting, and our experiences when reflected in a right way, leads to understanding.

     Self-reflection is nothing, but YOU QUESTIONING YOURSELF. Through reflection you have the tendency to focus on the negative, but self- reflection should be structured in a safe way to think about the positive as well. With a simple question like ‘was that the best choice?’,we can take steps to do things better. We also view the events that takes place in our lives as experiences, and not as opportunities for learning. 

      If you feel your life is not smooth enough and it has to be mended, then such work requires reflection.Self- reflection has to be encouraged. Viewing your bad experiences at the wrong time might ruin the whole day. Spending some time daily, to reflect on everything you do, will help you to learn new things. 

     For me a five minutes walk alone by the side of this river makes a lot of difference.