This image is a reflection from the river close to my house. I have an easier time reflecting on my life when I walk by the side of this river.


      How  you treat others is simply a reflection of whom you are as a person. We grow brave by reflecting, and our experiences when reflected in a right way, leads to understanding.

     Self-reflection is nothing, but YOU QUESTIONING YOURSELF. Through reflection you have the tendency to focus on the negative, but self- reflection should be structured in a safe way to think about the positive as well. With a simple question like ‘was that the best choice?’,we can take steps to do things better. We also view the events that takes place in our lives as experiences, and not as opportunities for learning. 

      If you feel your life is not smooth enough and it has to be mended, then such work requires reflection.Self- reflection has to be encouraged. Viewing your bad experiences at the wrong time might ruin the whole day. Spending some time daily, to reflect on everything you do, will help you to learn new things. 

     For me a five minutes walk alone by the side of this river makes a lot of difference.


24 thoughts on “REFLECTION

  1. Though this picture was captured from the reflection in river water it doesnt look like that .The picture is so clear. Superb pic Dhona dearπŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ


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