Hi ! I am ANJELA . I am 21 and I am from Kaniyakumari, which is the southern tip of INDIA. I have a brother- SCOTT, who is 4 years elder to me.

I am interested in reading. Books first appeared in my life when I happened to join in a boarding school, at the age of 13. Since before I haven’t acknowledged the existence of books.Then I had borrowed my first book from my junior. It was Ravinder Singh’s ” I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY” and I remember myself thinking, that it was the best thing in the world. I, then started reading whenever I could. At first, I was just reading and now I have started to blog. I am a vivid reader of Quora.

Apart from these I had got inspired to join the Indian Army, when I was 11 and to become a psychologist ,when I was 15. But I have never made either of these due to various reasons. I am a big, big, big fan of Shakespeare. At present I am doing my masters in English Literature and I also work as an elementary teacher.

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