Many people blog to share their ideas, their emotions, and to share information on varied topics. However, I started blogging with the promt of my course on NEW MEDIA FOR SOCIAL CHANGE. I did not start this for self-interest, but now I am sure doing it with interest after learning about it.

If you have to look through If I have to Speak through my Snaps you will find articles related to the pictures, that I took. I may not be a professional photographer, but I do like to talk or write about the pictures that are taken by me and I also like to talk about things I understand well. It feels good to me to know that a post published by me is liked by someone. I take this as a platform to thank all who let me know that through your likes and comments.

When I made my first move to WordPress, I was learning something new myself. As in any field, blogging requires experience. You can’t become an expert over night. Patience is the second essential requirement, when you expect people to acknowledge your work. Another important thing is keeping up how frequently you post. The photographs that I shared in this blog were all taken from my 13 mega-pixel mobile camera.

I am a person who word vomits .When I opted for photography, I learnt that words may fail but not photographs…( exceptions include).One thing that anyone can agree to is,’ Photography remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.’ If at all I did not take these pictures and blog about it, I myself wouldn’t have enjoyed finding something interesting in an ordinary thing. I once again take this as an oppurtunity to thank you all for your overwhelming support. I conclude here. Have a great evening☺!!!

The Camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera – Dorothea Lange.

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  1. Well done dear.
    Good post! 👍

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  2. Dhona, all the best go ahead

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  3. Best of luck and keep going higher and higher.

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  4. Good post 😊

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  5. You are a good photographer and a great photo commentator. I’m impressed by your style of blogging. Keep up your good work Dhona. Click more shots. Have fun.

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  6. Happy for you 💜💜💜

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  7. Doing a good job da

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  8. Spr Dhona

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  9. You’re amazing 😊 I just recently started blogging you’re the first few that I followed. I’m glad.

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    1. Thank you. It feels so good that you liked my blog☺


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