Solitude is a choice. A choice to be alone. Loneliness is a feeling, an emotion of feeling alone. It’s an emotion we feel when we have an inner desire to express, but don’t know how to and have no one with whom we can share.

        Being alone is an adventure we take on the inside. It’s a whole new world which we discover or introspect. Solitude is a positive state where we are perfectly happy to be by ourselves, and relish and enjoy our own company. Solitude allows us to reflect on ourselves, others, our life, and our future. 

Solitude can lead to SELF LOVE.                   Loneliness can lead to SELF REJECTION.     

        In contrary,  loneliness feels like punishment or rejection. It is not a choice, but it is imposed on us. One might be loved and still experience feelings of intense loneliness. Though it’s necessary for all to spend some time in solitude, our responsibility as various things prevent us from ever getting the time alone😔. Sometimes, a little solitude is just what you need to clear your mind!



  1. I’m not sure if solitude is right, but definitely it feels good to be alone sometimes. Only in solitude we will find our self-worth and self-respect. Sometimes solitude can be absurd but mostly it is the time where we can be original, without anyone’s permission.

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  2. Nice dhona.but in my point of view i like to live with my family. Solitude can lead loneliness only. நாம் ஒருவரை ஒருவர் சார்ந்து வாழ்வது தான் நம் பண்பாடும் கலாச்சாரமும். தனித்து வாழ்வது கொடுமையானதும் கூட. -kavitha aunty

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    1. It’s indeed true that reciprocity and dependency is our culture.But solitude should not be compared with loneliness, they are worlds apart. Because, people often use society, friends, family and so called “responsibilities” as an escape from themselves. This is why we all should achieve solitude for sometime. I am talking about that few minutes which we give to ourselves. Thank you aunty. Hope I make sense☺.


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