We all are chameleons inside. AGREE TO IT OR NOT. To live in a society filled with judgement, we change, we disguise, we adjust to our situations. We remain in our truest form only when there is no threat.

So how does one actually live without judgement? – LOVE.

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12 thoughts on “CHAMELEON

  1. Hmmm… I can smell something 😜😜😜
    Love is everything!
    Just for the record, I love you Dhona. 😊😊😘😘
    Short and nice. 👍

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    1. Thanks !!!I love you too Blessing 😙

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  2. Wow. A colourful thought indeed. And to add on it, chameleons are loners. They change their colors not to match their surroundings but in response to their emotions.

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  3. Well said!

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  4. Short and sweet. nice dhona

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  5. Nice photography with awesome comparison and it’s true.

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  6. Fact dhona

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  7. Great shot…Pakka 😉😄👌

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